Grief, loss

There Are No Shortcuts For Navigating the Grief of Miscarriage

Her View From Home, 07-20-2019 https://herviewfromh ... age-grief/

My first personal essay ever published. I told the story of my second miscarriage.


While She’s Still My Little Girl

Her View From Home, 08-03-2019 https://herviewfromh ... ttle-girl/

I wrote this for my firstborn, who was knocking at puberty's door.

Stay-At-Home Mom

I Hate Society’s Perception Of Stay-At-Home Moms

Scary Mommy, 08-05-2019 https://www.scarymom ... an-enough/

I am the only stay-at-home mom in my circle of family and friends. It can be an intimidating position to be in, and this is my take on it.


Home is My Sanctuary

Her View From Home, 05-24-2020 https://herviewfromh ... sanctuary/

As a child, my house was always full of people. I welcomed the quietness that the pandemic brought to my house.

I Took My First Breath To the Sound of Gunshots

Her View From Home, 07-01-2021 https://herviewfromh ... -gunshots/

My parents were teenagers when the civil war erupted in my native country of El Salvador. That war shaped the parents they would become and, ultimately, the mother I would grow up to be.

This Scar Tells a Story

Her View From Home, 07/08/2022 https://herviewfromh ... s-a-story/

The story about my nose scar.


I Traded in My Youth For Something Far Sweeter

Her View From Home, 08-03-2021 https://herviewfromh ... r-sweeter/

Motherhood leaves its mark on a woman's body.


Don’t Have Important Talks With Kids at the Dinner Table

Motherwell, 06-24-2020 https://motherwellma ... ner-table/

A chef and excellent cook raised me, but my parents took our mealtimes as the perfect occasion to dispense important information.

As a NICU Mother, it Felt Like I’d Failed My Newborn Son

Motherwell, 12-08-2021 https://motherwellma ... wborn-son/

In the spring of 2020, I went into premature labor. For three days, the doctors tried to stop the contractions, and then, an emergency c-section was needed. I gave birth to a baby boy six weeks too early. He needed a NICU stay. This is a tiny glimpse into that moment in time.

Trying to Conceive

I Was Addicted to Peeing on a Stick

Today's Parent, 12-11-2019 https://www.todayspa ... n-a-stick/

I struggled with secondary infertility, and during that struggle, I developed an addiction to taking pregnancy tests.

Parenting Challenges

My Husband is a Gamer. This is What it’s Like for Me.

Motherwell, 10-27-2021 https://motherwellma ... ke-for-me/

My husband is a gamer. This is a glimpse into my life with him.


Lettre d’amour au Québec français

Le Journal de Montréal, 10-03-2021 https://www.journald ... c-francais

My take on learning the French language as an immigrant.

Montréal : je ne reconnais plus ma ville

Le Journal de Montréal, 12/16/2021 https://www.journald ... s-ma-ville

In the fall of 2021, my neighbors and I heard the sound of gunshots right in front of our houses. This is an essay about what happened.

Grown Children

Something Beautiful Happens When Your Parents Become Grandparents

Her View From Home, 04/12/2022 https://herviewfromh ... ndparents/

My children's grandparents are not the people that raised me.


Marriage is About Compromise, Not Sacrifice

Her View From Home, 11/17/2022 https://herviewfromh ... sacrifice/

Reflection on my 15 years of marriage.