Home is My Sanctuary

Her View From Home, 05-24-2020 https://herviewfromh ... sanctuary/

Amid this Covid-19 crisis, learning to enjoy the sanctity and the privacy of our own homes all day every day has become a necessity, and sometimes a struggle. But for some, like me, it's second nature.

I've always enjoyed staying at home. I always preferred the quiet, slow pace of my daily routine to the fast pace hustle and bustle of the outside. It was never a problem for me to trade in my gorgeous, sexy party dress for my oversized, overused, comfy pajamas. Or to cancel plans with my friends if I changed my mind about going out.

I have always treated my home as a sanctuary. My safe shore from the raging seas outside. And as my sanctuary, I've never liked having people over. I'm not big on receiving and hosting people. On catering and tending to guests. On people invading my private, personal space. I would much rather meet friends outside than to have them over at my place. Some people might call me anti-social or a snob even, but I am a direct product of my upbringing.