I Traded in My Youth For Something Far Sweeter

Her View From Home, 08-03-2021 https://herviewfromh ... r-sweeter/

For the first time in my life, I no longer recognize the girl staring back at me in the mirror. Fine lines define the corners of her eyes and the contours of her mouth. Deep, dark, purplish circles are ever-present under her tired eyes. Where there once was a smooth forehead, worry lines extend from one end to the other. Her once shiny, luscious dark chocolate locks have faded into a matte brownish color and streaks of silver are more and more visible.

On her vanity, bottles of anti-age creams, rejuvenating exfoliants, and skin illuminators stand next to concealers and corrector serums. All beauty products that were once alien to her.

Passing her hand underneath her chin, she pinches that double chin and sighs. Long gone is the delicate swan neck she once had. The once-defined clavicle that framed her shoulders is barely visible under an extra layer of fat.